We're a small team of experienced self-starters and collaborators with a common goal: to use our combined business consulting expertise to help people and organizations reach new heights.

Together, we’re on a mission to exponentially pay it forward.

Service Team

Renee Wolf is a Service Leader at LEVATA Human Performance.

Renee Wolf, Service Leader

While I have experience in the entire learning lifecycle, I most enjoy partnering with leadership to align training strategies with business needs. I also really like breaking down and figuring out new tools, whether that be a system (like Salesforce) or an authoring application (like Articulate). I feel my success is the direct result of my ability to blend understanding, learning, and practical application into tangible results.

Favorite Project: My favorite project was a recent communications and learning initiative, surrounding a launch, where I used gamification to spark the competitive spirit of a large sales team. Our program team saw large jumps in system utilization and product sales as a result of this gamification activity.

True North: I like the constant challenge and change that consulting provides—I get to practice what I preach with organizational change management. I also get to work with the most amazing team at LEVATA. Our group has worked together in some fashion for the past 20 years! They are the best of the best in this industry, and I am so humbled and honored to partner with them all.

Passion Points: My warm, sweet, funny family makes me smile every day. That includes my rescue pup, Elliot Reid, named after the doctor from Scrubs. Good coffee, good wine, and good food make every day brighter. Hiking, running, and exercising to work off the above.

Kendra Moore is a Service Leader at LEVATA Human Performance.

Kendra Moore, Service Leader

My background includes strong instructional design, change management, project management, and communication development. I easily partner with leadership, business functions, and clients to quickly assess user needs and provide thoughtful leadership. I take a tactical approach to change management, communicate concisely and transparently, and provide effective and creative solutions.

Favorite Project: My favorite ‘project’ was a series of projects for a client I worked with for several years. Each project naturally led into another and the progression allowed me to stretch my own capabilities while providing value to the client and building meaningful relationships which I still invest in and cherish today.

True North: I love being able to connect with people going through a transition—whether it be learning a new system or deeper personal growth, I enjoy relating to others and providing solutions which ease their growing pains. I believe in what we do and the value we bring our clients. At LEVATA Human Performance we collectively live our values and that is important to me.

Passion Points: Outside of work you can find me in the gym with my self-proclaimed "meathead family-of-too-many." Or enjoying Colorado hiking, which is an activity that fills my soul and keeps me grounded.

James Middleton is a Service Leader at LEVATA Human Performance.

James Middleton, Service Leader

I am an affable, yet very focused, guide for teams and leaders who have been asked to take on audacious goals. An English major who got an MBA, I have been in and around technology for almost all of my career. I bring insights to the people and process side of technology to assure recipients of organizational change understand and adopt it for the benefit of the greater whole. As a hands-on teammate, people remark that I bring a calming influence as we charge for the goal that will make the business better.

Favorite Project: One of my all-time favorite projects was an integration project to bring a smaller company into the fold of the acquiring company. The project team was distributed between three corporate offices, in different states, and the acquired company, which happened to make cider, in a fourth state. So, staying engaged with teammates was critical. The different layers of integration stretched me in good ways, especially to learn more about supply chain functions and processes. Our “capstone” event was a multi-day process validation workshop with representatives from all constituencies and proved a success in not only ostensibly validating the processes being implemented in SAP, but also to bring the larger team together to celebrate in our achievement.

True North: Feeling the connection with friends, colleagues, and family is what inspires me. I could be anywhere with anyone, and feel right, so long as there was some kind of connection. To that end, storytelling is a big part of how we connect. As Woody Allen says, “Showing up is 80 per cent of life.”

Passion Points: I love being outside in the mountains with my wife, where we have our best conversations, and with our canine daughter, Bri. Playing doubles squash is a favorite activity, both for the exercise, competition, and the social aspect, otherwise known as the “sixth game” (equivalent to the 19th hole). Mostly, I am grateful for the life I’ve been given and the opportunity to serve others.

Leadership Team

Kurt Wolf, Chief Evangelist

Experienced organizational head and founder with a demonstrated history of creating and growing vibrant organizations, firms, and communities. I love and excel at creating an inspiring vision and culture, building collaborative relationships and teams, and engaging groups towards the achievement of their goals. After over 25 years of leadership roles in industry and consulting, I firmly believe that consulting can and should be a noble enterprise. By focusing on the people behind business, we apply the greatest leverage for the greatest good.

Favorite Project: I relish launching new teams and ways of working that fulfill both known and unknown needs in our communities, organizations, and marketplace. From the Denver Metro Association of Change Management Professionals to LEVATA Human Performance, I love making a positive difference in this world through the collective power of people.

True North: I started my career in consulting designing and implementing enterprise systems. I quickly migrated to Change Management as I realized that the alignment and motivation of people was the greatest leverage point for long term success. With LEVATA Human Performance, I look to mobilize this insight.

Passion Points: I treasure playing in the mountains with my family and friends. Whether it’s with my wife, two kids and dog, or friends, I re-charge outside of work with the people I care the most about. Some of my favorite activities are mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, paddle sports, and outdoor projects at our cabin near Winter Park. And of course, I enjoy the staples: good travel, books, music, food, movies, and beer.

Sheila Alishouse, Chief of Client Service

I am a serious problem solver with a core understanding of how to get things done with people! I've spent over 25 years in business leading teams and others to exceed their personal and professional expectations. My goal is to serve our team members and our clients so they walk away from their experience with me knowing it provided value to them.

Favorite Project: My favorite project of all time was putting together a Leadership Development program, which was ground-breaking at the time for my company. It challenged me to dig deep and do something different, and it was fun. I still get comments today about how important it was for leaders who attended.

True North: I’ve always had a strong passion for people and for doing the right thing. When I had the opportunity to build a company that always puts people first and doesn’t just say they do, I had to do it. We are the company that I always wanted to belong to.

Passion Points: I love God, helping other people find their passions, spending lots of time with my family and friends, and hanging out with my giant yellow lab, Mia. Life is good!

Amy Douglas, Chief of Culture & Connection

By listening deeply, I help clients get to the heart of their challenges and passions. You can count on my energy, authenticity, humor, and humility. I started my career working in organizational design and development and spent over 25 years in both corporate and consulting leadership roles before earning a coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute and becoming a PCC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation. My business experience adds instant value for my clients.

Favorite Project: Founding LEVATA with my partners. We've built a company that operates based on our shared belief in the power of people and the outcomes that come from placing people first. We invite our people to bring their whole selves to work in service of others. Even our hardest days together are full of moments that matter...making me smile.

True North: I believe you get out of this world what you are willing to put into it. As a coach and leader, I get to make a difference every day. The world is complex and in need of leaders who can partner with others to create solutions instead of just fixing problems. As I help each person, there is a ripple impact to others. I get to Pay It Forward…Exponentially!

Passion Points: As a Colorado girl transplanted to St. Louis, I thrive on outdoor time and anything that allows me to experience nature. Right now that is mostly soccer fields—not climbing/skiing in the mountains—but I take what I can get! In addition to my favorite activities, the things I cherish most are: my son Luke and daughter Tatum, who bring out both the best and worst parts of me; my husband Glenn who reminds me it is important to play just as hard as I work; and of course, wine nights with the girls.

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