We're a team of experienced self-starters and collaborators with a common goal:
to use our combined business consulting expertise to help people and organizations reach new heights. Together, we’re on a mission to exponentially pay it forward.

Our Service Team

Carrie Ahmad - LEVATA Human Performance

Carrie Ahmad, Service Leader

I have more than 20 years of experience in human capital management, organizational design and development, change management, standing up HR organizations, and business operations. I believe in the power of servant leadership and enjoy partnering with clients to guide them to maximize their strengths while providing objective insights on business decisions that impact people.

Favorite Project: My favorite recent project was building an HR framework for a nonprofit organization with nearly 200 employees. The organization had been in existence for 22 years without HR and had begun to feel the pain of not having strong talent acquisition, talent management, and talent retention practices in place. Through the design, development and execution of the framework, the organization realized improved retention of top talent, increases in diversity hiring, and significant improvement in employee satisfaction and engagement.

True North: Partnering with organizations to develop human capital initiatives that enable growth for the business and its people is what ignites my professional passion. Above all, I am fully engaged and excited when I get to come alongside individuals and organizations to identify their needs and desires and to partner with them on their path to success.

Passion Points: My amazing husband, my super cool son, and our adorable rescue pup are the true passions of my life. I also love traveling anywhere and everywhere. The ocean or the mountains – you can put me in either place and I will be happy – I am as content to swim as I am to hike. And I have a love-hate relationship with Orangetheory Fitness. 

Paying it Forward: Service is a source of joy in my life! 

Dawn Dominick - LEVATA Human Performance

Dawn Dominick, Service Leader

I am your “go-to girl” with a background in learning and development, change management, project management, and business management operations who will make sure you have what you need to be successful. My ability to keep things simple and easily relatable allows me to maintain lasting connections with colleagues and leaders. Transparency, honesty, and authenticity are why people enjoy working with me. My experience in coaching leaders and large teams enables me to quickly bring organizations together, creating a positive atmosphere that produces creative and sustainable solutions.

Favorite Project: My favorite “project” was my first project, transitioning a COBALT blue MRP system to a highly customized MRP system for a DOD shipyard. I volunteered to help, not knowing within two months I would be working full-time to help design, test, and train our entire finance and business management business units. It was a very large enterprise project that required a lot of process documentation and changes in how the company did business and interacted with their suppliers. So many connections and memories were made as a result of that volunteer project, and it still drives me to take opportunities as they come, because you never know where they may lead! 

True North: My true North is helping people see their unique values and connecting them with individuals from different backgrounds. When a person can connect their world to another’s, they begin to think more deeply and more openly. I love seeing people from different social, economic and professional backgrounds come together as one unit; the transformation that occurs is what brings me joy every day. At LEVATA Human Performance, we open doors for people to connect every day, and that is something to be EXCITED about. 

Passion Points: If I am not working for you, then I may be volunteering )not as much as I would like too) at a local winery here in Houston, helping as a sous chef (or just quality checking the wine 😊), taking urban hikes around the city of Houston, or planning my next solo or group trip. I spend at least 2-3 weeks a year in Southeast Asia because you can never have too much street food and waterfalls!

Paying it Forward: My service to the community comes in waves⛈🌊, literally as a resident of Texas we experience alot of tropical/hurricane storms that batter our communities. I spend a lot of my "Hurricane Season"- June-September helping Gulf Coast communities come together and provide some resemblance of home once a storm rips through peoples homes and businesses.  Human rights🙌 are very near and dear to my heart and I try to support organizations and events that bring awareness to the LGBTQIA+ young and seasoned leaders every chance I can.

Angel Emerson, Service Leader

I am a Delivery Executive and Change Enablement leader, with over 20 years of experience within IT and business organizations across multiple industries. I connect with and empower individuals and organizations to embrace change, always anchored to purpose. I have a Masters in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change, am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), certified change management professional through both the ACMP and Prosci ® change practitioner (ADKAR), and am a certified PMP.

Favorite Project: One of my favorite projects was partnering with colleagues to pilot an organizational change management methodology within an enterprise transformation initiative. The initiative gave me the opportunity to leverage my passion for learning, strategy, and execution. Through this work, enterprise OCM capability took root and continues to grow to this day!

True North: I view each day as an opportunity to be the best version of myself and see challenges as opportunities that open doors to possibilities. My true north is helping others discover and embrace their strengths and unleash their full potential. LEVATA enables me to be my whole self, model radical transparency (head, heart, body) and work with the best of the best!

Passion Points: My happy place is my front porch swing. I love to read, connect with friends, and spend time with family 

Pay It Forward: Coaching gives me the opportunity to give back to those that do not have access to employer paid coaching programs and or who are not able to afford individual coaching.  

Stephen Eubanks, Service Leader

With over 25 years of PMO, and Change Leadership experience, I have worked in various industries (Restaurant, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Construction, and Global Software Professional Services.) I have lots of what I call “good scar tissue!” I have seen many programs and projects from successes to pointed failures and have incorporated these incredible experiences into a proven implementation framework that capitalizes on those experiences. I love leading companies through difficult changes and making those change journeys both successful and fun!

Favorite Project: I led a Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) implementation for Workday, one of the predominant and leading HR System capabilities on the market, which included. a team of 25 people that spanned Executive and functional leadership. It was a time-driven project with only 8 months to deploy a solution that replaced a legacy platform and providing new associate self-service and HR, Accounting, Payroll, and Benefits functions. The project was a combination of high-touch change leadership, training,  and business process mapping all focused on “leaving no associate behind”  and it was overwhelming success!

Passion Points: With all my work, I am passionate for meeting people where they are and partnering effectively with them so that they are in the co-pilot seat and do not feel like “something was done to them.”  Like any good project or program, it is always about leading a team of people through the mazes of diverse methodologies, company goals and objectives, key performance indicators, milestone achievements, and equipping those who will be affected by change in positive ways where they are comfortable and do not “miss a beat” on a day 1 launch!

True North:To thine self, always be true.” I aim to always have fun, enjoy myself, relate to others with honesty and integrity, and always be real with folks in all aspects of engagement...I love building relationships with people...because, frankly, it takes people to make change happen! That is why I connect so strongly with Levata...our primary aim is to lift people and help them be successful...meeting them where they are and taking them on the journey as we walk (and sometimes run 😊) alongside them!

Paying it Forward: Being a part of community has always been important to me and it gives me an opportunity to give back and include my family.  As a family, we focus on:

Rebecca King - LEVATA Human Performance

Rebecca King, Operations Manager

Across the decades, I’ve worked across all areas of a business and enjoy appreciating the individual components and how they all fit together to form the whole picture of the business. At my core, I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of gal who makes friends across departments and loves being knee-deep in a team. I enjoy contemplating and creating improvements and efficiencies across processes, yielding better business practices. It’s really about how we can work together to function greater as a group than our individual selves. It takes teamwork to make the dream work! 

Favorite Project: I spearheaded rescuing a customer’s project that was drowning; one of the partners was bankrupt, deadlines had slipped, and demands were being thrown around. Our team worked with the consulting company, found an ally and mapped out a solid plan: requisites prior to onsite visit, effective timeframe for work to be completed on all sides, follow-up items. The project effectively and positively came to completion and the consultant offered me a job at their consulting firm if I ever wanted one. Satisfaction! 

True North: Working to become the best version of myself, along with others, is what drives me. Diving into our shared connected humanity – family, friends, colleagues, volunteering, etc. – and making deep and meaningful connections is the beauty of life. When we can support and uplift each other, absolutely anything is possible. LEVATA is the embodiment of this.

Passion Points: Volunteering within my community has helped me grow so much as an individual! I truly receive back twice the benefit of the time and energy I provide to others. Whether it’s corralling corporate resources for homeless shelter donation, assembling toiletry bags for battered women’s shelters or leading discussions at an addiction recovery center, being witness to others’ struggles humbles and inspires me. Oh, and I also love hiking and camping in beautiful Colorado – it breathes new life into me!

Erica Lange - LEVATA Human Performance

Erica Lange, Service Leader

With over 15 years of a wide variety of HR experience including recruiting, on and offboarding, compensation, organizational design, training, benefits, and employee relations, I have chosen to take my career into a service leadership and consulting role. I have previous experience within large, complex organizations as well as small startups which provides me a well-versed approach to different needs. I have expertise in working with all levels of an organization from front-line to executives on day-to-day HR issues and organizational strategies and development. As a team player who has created and developed long lasting relationships, I am always up for the next challenge and to give my best to solve a problem.

Favorite Project: While working for a large complex organization, we had acquired several additional businesses in a very short time. The challenge was to integrate and align old and new company practices, procedures, policies, and systems with many different ideas and opinions. While this project was challenging, it was one of my most favorite because I helped uncover the good, the bad and the ugly of systems, benefit plans, HR practices, procedures, and tools utilized. I learned to listen and understand the different perspectives and reasons behind, while ensuring we were moving forward with overall business solution and success.  Taking a quote from Henry Ford – If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

True North: People and personal connections are what motivates me on a day-to-day basis. Creating genuine relationships both personally and professionally is the key to driving growth and is what makes a difference in the end. In my opinion, companies who put their employees first is the first step to a successful business. 

Passion Points: When I am outside of work, you can find me enjoying wine (and good beer), going on adventures with my husband Joe and Mini Goldendoodle Betty White, planning my next travel escape, listening to music, being on a lake or floating in a pool, and staying connected with my friends and family.

Debi Lake, Service Leader

I partner with leaders, teams, and organizations to help them achieve new levels of success. With 20+ years of experience in organization development, learning and leadership development, talent management, project management, change enablement, and coaching, I focus on processes and programs that promote the evolution of people and organizations and I am passionately instrumental in that development.



Favorite Project:  

While at a health care company I created, facilitated, and continuously improved 3 distinct leadership development programs (Emerging/New Supervisors, Mid-level leaders, and Executives) that each ran over the course of a year, were cohort based, and incorporated self-assessments, manager reinforcement activities, 360-degree assessments, team building, action learning projects, development planning, and coaching. Each program was specifically created to enable participants to build skills, create meaningful connections, and improve performance which resulted in company-wide culture transformation. Many of the participants have ascended to new leadership roles in the organization.


True North:  

My passion is building people and organizations. I listen to understand where they are and where they want to go. I help create conditions that enable others to realize and develop their potential.


Passion Points:  

Outside of work I enjoy working out, skiing, riding horses, and cooking healthy meals. I love spending time with family and friends trying new restaurants (especially ones with outdoor seating), celebrating little and big accomplishments, and laughing and enjoying time together. I also love to travel and visit new places.


Paying It Forward 

I co-founded (in 2002) and co-direct the Organization Development Network-Greater Denver Region (ODN-GDR). The professional development and networking group of 2300+ members serves those interested in exploring, learning, and sharing information about the organization development (OD) field. As a volunteer, I provide program strategy and management oversight including a yearly RFP process and hosting 11 sessions per year. We strive to increase the impact of OD throughout the Colorado Front Range business community by fostering an ongoing intellectual dialogue, challenging the intellectual growth among OD practitioners, and stimulating the expansion of practical skills and knowledge.


I volunteer at Denver Jewish Day School, serving on various committees.


My husband and I co-coach all of our son’s sports teams (soccer, basketball, baseball, and flag football).

Kendra Lesner - LEVATA Human Performance

Kendra Lesner, Service Leader

I have more than 15 years of experience in learning and employee development in both healthcare and manufacturing. My background includes a mix of employee development, engagement, change management and adoption, communication development, project management and coaching. I enjoy facilitating discussions and partnering with stakeholders and business leaders to troubleshoot and develop strategies to improve performance. I have a master’s in organizational performance and earned my CPC through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Favorite Project: One of my favorite projects to date was partnering with the business to stand up an organizational change management framework to support teams in leading through change. Through this work we were able to increase leadership alignment, visibility, accountability, and support our front-line employees who were most impacted by change. It was challenging, rewarding, and ultimately set our employees up for success.

True North: Throughout my career, my goal has been to help others be successful, whether that is personally, professionally, or helping them adopt a new technology change or process. I believe that performance is truly rooted in helping our people be successful. When you get to live what you truly value both inside and outside of work, it makes choosing LEVATA the easiest and most rewarding choice to date.

Passion Points: I most enjoy being with my husband, our two golden pups, and our friends and family. Growing up in Colorado, I have spent my fair share of time enjoying the endless days of sunshine camping or hiking. And as a recent transplant to Western Michigan, I fully intend on taking advantage of that lake life! I love being creative in the kitchen, eating delicious food, watching and attending sporting events, and traveling to new and fun places.

Maggie Metzler - LEVATA Human Performance

Maggie Metzler, Service Leader

I’m known for my infectious positivity, relationship building and communication skills, in addition to my willingness to tackle any task, no matter how large or small. I joined LEVATA in 2020, bringing with me more than a decade of operational excellence, change & project management, process improvement and compliance expertise.

Favorite Project: An international hospitality powerhouse had grown quickly in just a handful of years and was struggling to align processes across functional areas due to state/country regulations, language differences and location size. In order to align hundreds of people across the world with many different ideas of how to operate, we first had to get to know these different acquisitions and what their current operations looked like. I was fortunate enough to spend months on the phone with folks all over the world, talking about their businesses, what worked, what didn’t work, documenting their processes and identifying gaps. It was unbelievable getting to connect with so many different people and understanding what lit them up in their work and, eventually, having a hand in helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily activities. 

True North: Authentic connections; those powerful moments of vulnerability and human awareness from which sprout personal and professional growth. It is one thing to promote values and mission statements, it’s quite another to live and breathe them as we do at LEVATA. I love being part of a team that inspires authentic partnership with our clients.

Passion Points: I love my two dogs (Maeby and George Michael) probably more than what is healthy and enjoy spending my time off giving them their best life. I enjoy cold drinks on sunny patios, live blues music and spending time on my family’s farm (which will soon have been in our family 100 years).

Paying It Forward: From a young age, my mother instilled in me the fulfillment of service. Throughout my childhood, we donated our time weekly to people and organizations in our community, something I'm still committed to today. 

Laura Page - LEVATA Human Performance

Laura Page, Service Leader

I have always loved meeting new people and helping design professional solutions. I’ve been in the consulting world for over 15 years, specializing in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space, primarily for manufacturing companies. My passion lies in organizational change management and learning & development, especially when I can help others realize true benefits related to their impacting changes. I’m down-to-earth, collaborative, enthusiastic and dedicated.

Favorite Project: My first foray into the ERP world was my favorite. I led the learning development efforts for a global manufacturing firm by coordinating SAP training and change management materials across 14 implementation sites. Organizing 90-day site-specific project training documentation deadlines and allocating training personnel for 24-hour manufacturing plants provided incredible insight into supply chain and developed my passion for change and training, and manufacturing!

True North: It’s incredible that LEVATA’s values so closely align with my own; I’m transparent sometimes to a fault, and I have a firm who embraces that. I believe in meaningful connections, and it drives my interactions daily. I love being part of company that believes in karma and is so focused on humanity. LEVATA puts people first, and I’m so thankful for the flexibility I’ve been given to embrace a work life balance. Ultimately, the colleagues I have now at LEVATA are an incredible array of trusted mentors, genuine friends, and individuals who I trust, respect, and am proud to have in my life and work alongside. 

Passion Points: I am always planning my next adventure, whether it’s fly fishing around the world with my husband, Thom, or learning a new language to order wine in a new country. I’m thankful I have an 8-year-old daughter, Evie, who has picked up golf, skiing, and making homemade pasta. Listen for the sound of laughter, and you can find us in the mountains, at a brewery, eating at a new restaurant, or walking our Swissy, Rooster, around the park.

Paying It Forward: Outside of being an unpaid professional chaperone to an 8-year-old, I currently serve on the ACMP Colorado Board of Directors as the Membership Chair. 

Holly Betts Piturro, Service Leader

I am an experienced leader with a passion for elevating the unique skills of people to meet business goals. I am fortunate enough to have worked across many functions and projects in my 25-year career and am comfortable in HR, IT, and Operations. I love that as a consultant I get to do it all! I thrive in an environment where I can strategically solve problems, leverage my capacity for execution, and develop people along the way.  


Favorite Project: I have been fortunate enough to work on so many impactful projects, but the one that stands out recently is developing a global frontline leader program across four different continents and in four languages.  I was able to partner with an operations working group to identify the true needs of the leaders at this level and incorporate them with hands-on practice with challenging and very real scenarios.  Over 1000 front-line leaders and 75 operations instructors were trained on the program.  The organization continues to deliver and build on the program today.  

True North: My true north is being able to lift people up – whether it’s through one-on-one coaching, developing a leadership program, or even project managing or leading change management on a software implementation.  It’s important to me to celebrate wins and recognize people for their hard work. I personally love to work hard, continuously learn, and have fun along the way. Many of the projects we partner with a client on demand a lot from their organization and they can really grow people or really burn them out. I enjoy being able to step in and lift the load where I can.     

Passion Points: I have so many passions but of course spending time with my children tops the list! Dancing and spending time with the people in my life is a close second. I love being outside –it is grounding and energizing at the same time. I am a long-time yoga and meditation teacher and am starting to dabble in music, especially my new hand pan and cajon drum, although it does not come naturally! I love learning new things, always have. I am also passionate but having some peace and quiet now and then – I learn a lot from a quiet moment.  

Paying It Forward 

I am currently doing a certification to teach yoga in prisons and donate yoga sessions to special events for non-profits.  I especially enjoy teaching once a year at an annual teenager leadership event run by a friend of mine. 

Rachel Rainey - LEVATA Human Performance

Rachel Rainey, Service Leader

With over 15 years of experience, I excel at helping leaders, teams, and organizations prepare for and drive change within their companies. I am known as a relationship-builder, thought-partner and problem-solver in complex situations. Client satisfaction and success are of top importance to me, and I always strive to exceed expectations.

Favorite Project: My favorite project was almost my most challenging one. I was supporting a client through a three-year supply chain transformation. When I started this project, I knew very little about the restaurant industry, but spent many hours working side-by-side with several restaurant managers learning the business. Through this experience, I was able to create a customized change management strategy that really worked for the operators. While the technology that was implemented to support the transformation was ultimately rolled back, I learned so much about the importance of designing a change strategy that is relevant and impactful to the business and the power of a positive culture.

True North: Creating genuine, trust-based relationships with my colleagues and clients. I believe that so much can be built on strong relationships and these relationships are critical to our collective success, both professionally and personally. I find a lot of energy in partnering with and learning from others to bring the best possible solution forward.

Passion Points: My biggest passion in life is my family, including my husband, Ian, and our three kids (ages 6, 3, and 9 months). I also love working out at the gym and riding my Peloton bike! 

Taylor Rockhold - LEVATA Human Performance

Taylor Rockhold, Service Leader

With over a decade of experience in human resources, business operations, communications, and program management, I believe passionately in a people first approach. I have experience within large, Fortune 500 companies and rapidly growing startup environments giving me a well-rounded and holistic approach to address an organization’s people needs. I enjoy creating engaging employee experiences that align with the strategic objectives of an organization. I am known for my authentic leadership capabilities and ability to problem solve with the big picture in mind. I have a B.S. degree in Communications, am PHR certified, and am currently an MBA Candidate. 

Favorite Project: Working with a startup client that had a goal around implementing a completely new performance evaluation process. This project turned into many more people-centered initiatives that included coaching, leadership development, learning and development initiatives, organizational design, and more. At their leadership offsite, you could feel a renewed commitment to their entire business approach. In my experience, once an organization starts investing in their people, the results reveal themselves very quickly. This opens the door to new, creative ways to live their organization’s values and unleash their potential.

True North: My personal values are service, authenticity, and integrity. I aim to always create an environment of trust to build relationships that feel genuine. I believe that business is personal, and that vulnerable leadership brings out the best in people. I feel so fortunate to be part of the LEVATA team where they embrace everyone as their whole selves, allowing our unique strengths to deliver the best value to our clients. 

Passion Points: I am at my happiest in the kitchen surrounded by good friends and good wine. I love cooking, live music, and long, sunny walks with my dog, Finn. I enjoy staying active and exploring new places as often as I can.

Paying It Forward: One of my personal core values is that of "service." It is incredible important to me to show up to make my community a better place.

Cathy Sonderman - LEVATA Human Performance

Cathy Sonderman, Service Leader

I am a visionary and results-oriented individual with a varied background in leadership and organizational development. I’m known for my ability to build strong, influential relationships with leaders and employees at all levels of the organization. I partner with leaders to improve both individual and organization performance through executive coaching, talent management, and other types of activities and interventions. I began my career in consulting, and have also spent time as a leader working in Fortune 500 organizations. I am at my best when I am facilitating leadership programs, coaching executives to help them achieve their goals and dreams, and building programs and processes to help people succeed.

Favorite Project: My favorite all-time project was building a Global General Manager Development Program. That work allowed me to design a multi-year program that contained elements of personal insight (through personality, cognitive ability, and 360-degree assessments), leadership development (including technical general management skills), action learning assignments, and development planning and coaching. Working with teams of motivated leaders who want to improve and grow in their careers was so satisfying to me, and I delighted in seeing many of these leaders progress through the organization (one of whom ended up taking on the CEO role in that Fortune 500 organization).

True North: I know I’m in the right place when I’m working with people who want to get better. That involves vulnerability, creativity, and partnering to identify next steps. The energy that comes from true collaboration lifts me up every time.

Passion Points: Being in the mountains on one of Colorado’s amazing trails helps to remind me why I’m here. Enjoying a fire and conversation with friends after spending time outside makes it a day well-lived. More than anything, I cherish the time I’ve spent raising my two sons, traveling through life’s journeys together, and benefiting all the way from the loving support of an amazing family.

Paying It Forward 

Leadership Team

Sheila Alishouse - LEVATA Human Performance

Sheila Alishouse, Chief of Client Service

I am a serious problem solver with a core understanding of how to get things done with people! I've spent over 25 years in business leading teams and others to exceed their personal and professional expectations. My goal is to serve our team members and our clients so they walk away from their experience with me knowing it provided value to them.

Favorite Project: My favorite project of all time was putting together a leadership development program, which was ground-breaking at the time for my company. It challenged me to dig deep and do something different, and it was fun. I still get comments today about how important it was for leaders who attended. 

True North: I’ve always had a strong passion for people and for doing the right thing. When I had the opportunity to build a company that always puts people first and doesn’t just say they do, I had to do it. We are the company that I always wanted to belong to. 

Passion Points: I love God, helping other people find their passions, spending lots of time with my family and friends, and hanging out with my giant yellow lab, Mia.  Life is good!

Amy Douglas - LEVATA Human Performance

Amy Douglas, Chief of Culture & Connection

By listening deeply, I help clients get to the heart of their challenges and passions. You can count on my energy, authenticity, humor, and humility. I started my career working in organizational design and development and spent over 25 years in both corporate and consulting leadership roles before earning a coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute and becoming a PCC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation. My business experience adds instant value for my clients.

Favorite Project: Founding LEVATA with my partners. We've built a company that operates based on our shared belief in the power of people and the outcomes that come from placing people first. We invite our people to bring their whole selves to work in service of others. Even our hardest days together are full of moments that matter...making me smile.

True North: I believe you get out of this world what you are willing to put into it. As a coach and leader, I get to make a difference every day. The world is complex and in need of leaders who can partner with others to create solutions instead of just fixing problems. As I help each person, there is a ripple impact to others. I get to Pay It Forward…Exponentially!

Passion Points: As a Colorado girl transplanted to St. Louis, I thrive on outdoor time and anything that allows me to experience nature. Right now that is mostly soccer fields—not climbing/skiing in the mountains—but I take what I can get! In addition to my favorite activities, the things I cherish most are: my son Luke and daughter Tatum, who bring out both the best and worst parts of me; my husband Glenn who reminds me it is important to play just as hard as I work; and of course, wine nights with the girls.

Paying It Forward: Amy believes in giving back to the community and invests her energy in building the next generation of leaders.

Kurt Wolf - LEVATA Human Performance

Kurt Wolf, Chief Evangelist

Experienced organizational head and founder with a demonstrated history of creating and growing vibrant organizations, firms, and communities. I love and excel at creating an inspiring vision and culture, building collaborative relationships and teams, and engaging groups towards the achievement of their goals. After over 25 years of leadership roles in industry and consulting, I firmly believe that consulting can and should be a noble enterprise. By focusing on the people behind business, we apply the greatest leverage for the greatest good.

Favorite Project: I relish launching new teams and ways of working that fulfill both known and unknown needs in our communities, organizations, and marketplace. From the Denver Metro Association of Change Management Professionals to LEVATA Human Performance, I love making a positive difference in this world through the collective power of people. 

True North: I started my career in consulting designing and implementing enterprise systems. I quickly migrated to Change Management as I realized that the alignment and motivation of people was the greatest leverage point for long term success. With LEVATA Human Performance, I look to mobilize this insight.

Passion Points: I treasure playing in the mountains with my family and friends. Whether it’s with my wife, two kids and dog, or friends, I re-charge outside of work with the people I care the most about. Some of my favorite activities are mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, paddle sports, and outdoor projects at our cabin near Winter Park. And of course, I enjoy the staples: good travel, books, music, food, movies, and beer.

Paying It Forward: Connecting my love of the outdoors and my family!