Talent & Performance Management

Employer-of-choice talent strategies and solutions that engage your people through recruitment, onboarding, performance tracking, and development opportunities to align the right talent with organizational goals.

What Sets LEVATA Talent and Performance Management Apart

  • We’ve worn your shoes. Our Talent & Performance Service Leaders have worked in corporate HR roles where we were in your shoes, navigating similar challenges and finding the right tools and systems to support our teams. This allows us to understand the challenges you face and talk in detail about a solution.

  • Employer of choice strategy. We implement solutions for clients based on the principle of helping them become an employer of choice in their industry. We know what drives people and what makes them stick with employers, and as a result, we know how to help our clients create great employee experiences that foster engagement and growth.

  • Connection to the business. Talent management begins with talent strategy, which is all about supplying the talent the business demands to achieve its objectives. We help clients build the bridge between organization strategy and talent strategy to ensure people are equipped with the right skills and are motivated in the right way to drive organizational success.

Think back on your own career. When have you gone above and beyond in a role, and when have you felt uninspired at work? We can all describe those employers that pulled out our best – supportive, innovative, challenging, caring – versus those employers we just couldn’t wait to leave. The goal of Talent & Performance Management is to help our clients be those great places where employees bring their best to work.

At LEVATA, we believe the difference is made by how a company invests in its greatest asset, its people. Empowered and valued people deliver above and beyond results. It makes sense then to build processes and promote behaviors that help your people feel empowered and valued. Your talent management strategy should achieve this and make the most out of your organization’s capabilities and capacities through your people. We help clients build the right strategy to attract and keep the right talent in their organizations, resulting in employee journeys that support your people and align with long-term organizational goals.

Growing toward the Future: Build vs. Buy

We do not enter client conversations with a preconceived solution to be implemented. Instead, we listen to learn. We talk to our clients about their needs, goals, and pain points. When it comes to talent and performance management, it’s helpful to frame this conversation in a structure we call build vs. buy – what are the capabilities needed to achieve your goals, and where does it make sense to buy capability in the form of external recruitment vs. build capability within your existing workforce? Many organizations do not realize this is a strategic choice to be made. A buy strategy is helpful if your current resources don’t have the capacity or diversity to cultivate the skills needed. A build strategy helps to grow culturally aligned, strong performing people you want to retain and upskill instead of losing their talent.

Becoming an Employer of Choice

Happy employees exhibit 16% overall higher performance, 125% less burnout, and 32% higher commitment to their employers1. So, what’s the secret to having happy employees? It’s a holistic commitment to understanding and shaping the employee journey, which starts with recruitment and continues with year-round support beyond annual performance reviews. We have helped clients restructure their interview formats, trained their managers to better support their new employees, and helped them rethink how they measure performance. In this highly competitive talent market, it is increasingly important that employers modernize their talent and performance management practices. We at LEVATA walk this talk, as we are continuously listening and looking for ways to improve our employee experience. Our Service Leaders truly love working here and deliver exceptional performance. We are committed to helping our clients get there too, and we treat our clients’ business as our own.

1 Kinicki, A. (2021). Organizational behavior: A practical, problem-solving approach. McGraw-Hill Education.

LEVATA’s Talent & Performance Management Services

  • Talent acquisition and recruiting strategy

  • Applicant tracking processes

  • Onboarding and offboarding processes

  • Training, upskilling, and leadership development

  • Employee retention and employee engagement advisory

  • Employee experience and career progression

  • Performance management advisory and implementation

  • Strategic goalsetting for talent and performance management

  • HRIS selection and program management (we do not conduct the technical implementation but will help you select an implementation partner)

  • HR strategy and consulting

When to build vs. buy your talent capabilities to fulfill an Employer of Choice strategy

Build your strategy to become an employer of choice.