Leadership Development

Customized, evidence-based development paths that upskill and reskill your people to build leadership capability through learning and doing for sustained behavior change.

What Sets LEVATA Leadership Development Apart

Think back to the last time you were in a classroom learning environment. How well do you recall the content? Would it surprise you to hear that most of us forget 90% of a single session’s content within one month of learning it? To create deeper learning and sustained application, learning must be paired with doing. 

Leadership is as much a mindset as it is a skill, strengthened by repeated practice in contextual business situations. LEVATA prides itself in building leadership development processes that skillfully weave together these components, while other firms focus primarily on skill-building. In fact, we’ve summarized the interaction between these components into a winning formula for leadership capability. 

The Leadership Development Equation™

The Leadership Development Equation™ from LEVATA Human Performance factors in business context, skill-building, practice, and introspection to grow leadership capability.

Building leadership skill is situational and happens every day, regardless of formal programming. We strive to be practical and cost effective using a hybrid approach of formal learning and on-the-job learning , supplemented with just-in-time coaching when it makes sense. This enables our clients to sustain capability gains by reinforcing learning so it sticks. We’re very intentional about the knowledge, types of experiences, and level of support needed for leaders as they upskill and reskill over time.

"LEVATA’s quality was fantastic, and the outcomes were amazing. People are reaching out months after training and letting us know they are still using the skills and tools.”

-Former LEVATA Client

Leadership Development is a Blend of Individual and Collective Journeys

Sustained development happens when both the individual and the collective practice and support one another. We use an integrated model that designs development journeys for both the individuals and the cohort at large. What happens next is kind of magical – leaders collectively raise the performance bar as they work on themselves while building important relationships that will ultimately drive positive, sustained results over time.

Coaching Seals the Deal

Research shows that companies experience a better ROI on leadership development when it includes some element of coaching. Our deep coaching experience makes the two a natural fit, and the majority of our leadership development programming includes coaching for individuals, teams, groups, and/or executives. This helps clients balance their investment between learning and doing, as coaching helps participants gain traction in incorporating new language, behaviors, and relationships into their daily actions until they become habitual. That’s what we call Making it Stick!

LEVATA’s Leadership Development Services

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