PMO, EPMO & IMO Implementation

PMO, EPMO, and IMO implementations represent a people-first approach and related structures that provide strategic oversight, frameworks, governance, and pragmatic execution for your organization’s most visible and important portfolio(s) of projects.

  • Program Management Office (PMO)

  • Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO)

  • Integration Management Office (IMO)

We work with you to meet your timelines, honor your budget, and exceed your expectations in getting the work done alongside your teams.

What Sets LEVATA PMO, EPMO & IMO Implementations Apart

  • Pain points get priority. Every organization has its unique struggles with project and program management. Rather than implement a sweeping new structure all at once, we begin by deploying solutions around your organization's most pressing concerns, then scale as you desire.

  • Balance of standardization and flexibility. Process for the sake of process is not our thing. We help organizations inject strategy, provide structures, and put boundaries in place to define, develop and execute results for your team. This increases efficiencies without unnecessary overhead, so you get what you need, and your people feel assisted, not burdened, by updated structure.

  • We leave you with greater capability and confidence. Our approach is to come alongside your internal teams to build your internal capabilities along the way. Our fresh, intuitive approach to solving problems and highlighting key measures, paired with our strong execution chops, creates exciting momentum for your project efforts from the sponsor level to the field.

All too often, we find that teams with the best intentions find themselves checking a defined set of boxes even when it does not make sense for their given initiative.

At LEVATA, we take a different approach to standing up and executing within a PMO, EPMO, IMO, and related offices. We always align to your strategies and look for opportunities to work smarter by identifying synergies across initiatives, spotting potential conflicts, reducing duplication of efforts, mitigating competition across projects, and aligning key milestones. This layer of strategic thinking is what ensures the success of an organization’s whole portfolio, not just individual projects. The business value derived from these efforts is how any management office structure contributes to the health of the business.

Creating a Project Management Office (PMO) or Enterprise PMO (EPMO)

An effective PMO or EPMO creates the bones around which efforts are built, so project managers do not reinvent the wheel with every project. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to program or project management. We help organizations put smart oversight structures in place, such as project intake and sizing, which determines what templates and processes are really needed to successfully deploy an initiative. Our approach is about being practical around what really matters and only using tools and templates that make a difference.

When it comes to implementing a PMO or EPMO, it is okay to start small and grow organically by considering what the most crucial elements (or deliverables) are to a project. While there are countless templates available in our arsenal of tools to support programs and projects, we believe that teams inherently know the needs of their organization and should utilize what brings intrinsic value to the program or project effort to drive results. Our programs and projects get done in a simpler, yet powerful way, in less time, and with higher energy and confidence throughout the team. As with all our service lines, we meet clients where they are, then build from there.

LEVATA’s PMO & EPMO Services

  • Business case development for PMO, EPMO, and IMO

  • End-to-end standup for PMO, EPMO, and IMO

  • Project intake and prioritization

  • Program/project management methodologies and process frameworks

  • Program/project management tools and resources

  • Governance and oversight

  • Status, scorecards, and reporting

  • Portfolio management

  • Risk management

  • Resource management

  • Internal capability building

Creating an Integration Management Office (IMO)

M&A is intensely time-consuming for all parties involved. Understandably, many organizations get caught up in the rigor of closing the deal, and the actual work of integrating two companies may be left to catch up. When helping clients through a merger or acquisition, we often recommend that intentional integration management and potentially an IMO (Integration Management Office) will help them streamline and standardize how they pull companies into the fold and will help relieve some of the natural tension and confusion in these business scenarios.

IMOs, just like PMOs, set repeatable and dependable best practices, tools, and processes that make it easier for everyone to know what to expect— and what is expected of them. This support is especially helpful for leadership navigating the sure-to-come bumps in the integration road. Our approach is well suited for organizations undergoing a spree of acquisitions who need a repeatable methodology for integrating the new companies. The existence of an IMO makes it possible for organizations to scale and grow in the long term. And bonus: your IMO can be converted into a PMO as the company grows into a steady state.

LEVATA’s IMO Services

Manage your projects and integrations with finesse.