Executive Advisory Services

Direct access to our founders and seasoned executives, designed for C-level leaders seeking fresh and objective business perspective that is radically candid.

What Sets LEVATA Executive Advisory Apart

  • Peer-to-peer empathy. Having served in executive roles ourselves, we understand C-level challenges and pressures firsthand and will provide peer-level guidance.

  • Judgment-free objectivity. We provide an external outlet to confidentially discuss anything that’s on your mind. We also provide fresh and objective perspective after thoughtful and focused inquiry.

  • Radical candor. We care personally and challenge directly, investing the time with you to truly understand the context with the goal of helping things go right.

It can be lonely at the top. Many CEOs and C-level leaders feel like they have nobody to talk to about their business challenges, as reported by Harvard Business Review and echoed in our own conversations with leaders in such roles. Through Executive Advisory, we ensure that you are NOT alone, and that you have an executive partner by your side who is focused solely on you and your success.

Executive Advisory grants direct one-on-one access to our founders and seasoned executives, each of whom have served in multiple strategic executive roles throughout their careers. These conversations are built on radical candor, cutting through the BS to help you achieve clarity.

Whether you need help making a decision, thinking through an idea, challenging current approaches, finding the root cause of a lingering issue, or articulating new direction to your team, you can count on us to be your behind-the-scenes hackers focused solely on making you shine.

When CEOs Should Ask for Help

The role of the executive touches every part of the organization, making its challenges nearly endless. For that reason, Executive Advisory is an open-ended service line, designed to create a safe and productive space to talk about issues openly and to construct a path forward.

Here are some of the common topics we address:

  • Blind spot identification: the C-Suite can get shielded from tough messages and feedback that would otherwise benefit them. We help make sure you’re not stuck in an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation.

  • Brainstorming and feedback: we can be a sounding board to help you test and refine a new idea before presenting it to your board or leadership team.

  • Challenging the status quo: when your gut tells you something needs to change, we help you figure out the what and how. This was the case for one CEO who felt his leadership team wasn’t challenging corporate operations enough, and we helped him figure out how to address it.

  • Troubleshooting interpersonal issues: leadership teams experience politics and power struggles, which is great for reality TV but not for your organization. We help execs get to the bottom of ongoing issues.

  • Lack of internal resources: if you’re in a company such as a startup with few internal resources around coaching, networking, and executive support, we can fill the gap by providing a trusted outside peer.

Executive Advisory vs. Executive Coaching

It’s important to note that Executive Advisory is different from our Executive Coaching offering. While Executive Coaching works from the premise that the answer lies within, Executive Advisory takes the “been there, done that” approach and provides experience sharing, thoughtful questioning, timely referrals, and candid discourse with an executive peer who has witnessed these dynamics play out in dozens of organizations.