Program & Project Management

Tailored program and project management that delivers masterfully while growing your organization’s program and project management capabilities along the way.

What Sets LEVATA Program & Project Management Apart

  • Methodology non-conformists. We can bring an existing methodology to your project, but more often than not, we work with clients to develop a custom approach just right for them using a blend of methodologies. We know the rules, and we break them thoughtfully.

  • Advisory, not augmentation. Our project management approach is a blend of advisory and execution, not staff augmentation. We guide our clients’ teams using best practices in project execution and expertise in human performance.

  • Change management. It’s people, not projects, that deliver results. We seamlessly incorporate change management into every project, helping your people activate key behavior changes needed to make your implementation successful long-term.

Clients who work with us for program and project management notice something special happening: they grow their own project management expertise in the process. This is intentional! We understand that project management means different things to different organizations, and no two project manager roles look the same. At LEVATA, we craft an approach for each organization’s unique situation. To us, project management means meeting our clients where they’re at to deliver projects and programs in a manner that grows PM capability along the way.

The Business Case for Project Management Maturity

We know organizations are in various stages of internal PM maturity. That’s why we come alongside our clients with solutions designed to meet them where they are today and grow them into where they want to be tomorrow. In its 2020 Pulse of the Profession report, the Project Management Institute (PMI) categorized organizations as either high maturity or low maturity in their project management capabilities. The value of this capability is clear: organizations with high PM maturity reported 21% more of their projects meeting goals and delivering within budget, and 24% more of their projects being delivered on time. Conversely, those organizations with low maturity experienced significantly higher rates of scope creep and total project failure. Projects take longer, cost more, and have varied results when not driven by an experienced project or program manager.

Picking the Right Partner for Program & Project Management

Unlocking the value of project management happens through experience. Experience teaches us how to prioritize large project portfolios strategically and digestibly for the organization. Experience means understanding that every project faces issues at some point and documenting properly to resolve them faster when they arise. Experience enables us to appreciate your existing internal processes – from Excel checklists to advanced PM tools – and supplement them appropriately without shocking your people.

This is the experience our seasoned Service Leaders bring to our clients, drawing from knowledge gained from hundreds of implementations across industries and company sizes. In working with us, not only will your project be delivered masterfully, but your internal team will emerge with a better understanding of time management, documentation, and project management principles to keep delivering into the future.

LEVATA's Program & Project Management Services

  • End-to-end program and project management

  • Project and portfolio prioritization

  • Role definition, scoping and roadmapping

  • Methodology recommendation and custom methodology creation

  • Program and project management capability building

  • PMO, EPMO, IMO standup

Master your program and project portfolio.