Team & Group Coaching

Evidence-based coaching programs that lead groups of people through reflection and co-creation to optimize team dynamics, maximize strengths, and unite around shared purpose and goals. 

What Sets LEVATA Team & Group Coaching Apart

We have come a long way since structured, in-person meetings were the primary way to get things done in business. People are now working asynchronously with teammates around the globe – Whatsapping, Zooming, and Slacking in a 24/7 flow of collaboration. With more ways to interact than ever before, collaborative groups can move from good to great when they unite around their common purpose to achieve outcomes even they thought may not be possible.

Getting Teams from A to B: The Secret Lies Within

Just like 1:1 coaching helps a person define their own goals and shift their mindset and behavior accordingly, team and group coaching helps the team articulate its own goals and take action to achieve them. As coaches, we have the experience and tools to get teams from point A to B by letting go of what they no longer need and developing a keen focus on building what they do need. Success relies on each person’s commitment to making changes on an individual level to get there – thereby contributing to greater team performance, success, and health. Our unique understanding of human behavior and business strategy enables us to design evidence-based approaches that align individual, team, and organizational outcomes to create lasting transformation. We help teams fill the gaps not just in behavior, but also in processes, capabilities, and even technology to help teams be the best they can be.

In a recent example, we worked with a team that formed after an organizational structure change just as the pandemic hit. The people on this team faced a brand new working reality including new teammates, a new leader, and a fully virtual work setting. They lacked role clarity and knowledge of each other’s skills, resulting in avoidant and non-collaborative behaviors. Through a mix of full group workshops and small group sessions, we helped the team unite around a team charter defining its purpose, shared values, and operating norms. Team members gained insight into each other’s personal attributes and strengths, emerging with greater clarity, open communication, and optimism united by a common purpose.

Group Coaching Expertise Backed by Field Experience

Team coaching requires a specialized skillset different from individual coaching. Our team coaches have the specific knowledge and skills needed to work through group issues such as power dynamics, conflict resolution, gaining commitment and participation from members, and building the behaviors that yield a high-performing, self-sustainable team. On top of that specialized knowledge, each of our team coaches has a successful corporate career in which they served as business decision-makers and people leaders, and they know firsthand how to develop leaders and teams. We understand how team performance impacts strategic, operational, and financial metrics. The achievement of big strategic goals is made possible through positive, collaborative team dynamics, and we have the unique blend of specialized knowledge and business expertise to help our clients get there. 

Our approach to coaching involves curating existing and already proven content from reputable and inexpensive sources to provide faster results, reducing the overall cost of a fully custom or proprietary program. This allows us to help you direct your investment to the part of the program that "makes it stick," the group and/or individual coaching support that emphasizes the “doing” part of learning.

LEVATA’s Team & Group Coaching Services

Help your team become greater than the sum of its parts.