Employee Learning & Development

Thoughtfully designed learning and development solutions to support the uniqueness of each human in your organization.

What Sets LEVATA Learning & Development Apart

  • Creativity. By taking time to understand your business and the psychology of your employees, we bring innovative solutions with higher impact. For example, we built a gamified sales training program that tapped into the natural competitiveness of one organization’s sales team.

  • Experiential focus. We don’t develop learning that simply checks the box. Our solutions are designed to be fun, experience-based, and engaging, building a learning mindset into the organizational culture.

  • Future-proofing. We design solutions with the future in mind. We make sure all materials can be easily updated with or without us around. We’ll even teach you the signals to look for that may indicate an update is needed in your courseware materials.

Whether you’re looking up at a skyscraper or down at a good book, it’s easy to see a great finished product without knowing the hours of meticulous planning that went into it. Employee learning and development is like this too. Most employees see the final outcome – an online course or a team-building workshop, for example – without knowing how it was designed and developed.

At LEVATA, we make sure the design and development pieces are rich with the research, strategy, and thoughtfulness your employees deserve. We know an organization’s learning and development needs are as unique as the people who make it up. One-size-fits-all learning simply doesn’t work, and that’s why our solutions are customized for each client.

Taking a customized learning approach means understanding your audience through deep research, mapping their needs to the organization’s current state and future goals, and building intentional learning paths that use the right interventions at the right times. Employees feel the difference because the learning is fun and experiential, and organizations see the difference in better engagement and fewer workarounds.

Picking the Right Partner for Upskilling and Reskilling

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020 describes a workforce that is automating faster than expected, predicting that 50% of all workers will require a core reskilling by 2025. We know our clients will need a reliable partner through this massive effort. LEVATA’s people-first approach and experience-based business expertise positions us as the partner organizations need for timely and effective employee training and learning strategies.

LEVATA’s Learning & Development Services

  • E-learning

  • Training Strategy

  • Employee Growth and Learning Path Development

  • Building a Learning Culture

  • LMS and Learning Software Selection

  • Authoring Tool Selection

  • Training Effectiveness Measures

  • Training Delivery

  • Continuous Learning

  • Talent Management

  • Career Path Strategy and Development

  • Organizational Learning Strategy

The L&D Toolkit: The Ultimate Toolkit for Building Enterprise Learning Programs

We've taken the best of the best from our past work and packed it into one powerful toolkit! We created the L&D Toolkit in response to the immense pressure organizations are feeling to develop training that paces with the constant change in our world. According to World Economic Forum, 2020 saw a 4x increase in people seeking job-related online training themselves, and a 5x increase in employers offering online training. The L&D Toolkit contains proven tools and templates to help organizations address their most pressing training demands, especially when internal resources are limited. Purchase the toolkit here.

Get thoughtful, customized learning that elevates your people.