Paying It Forward

At LEVATA Human Performance, we believe in paying it forward. This means showing up every day to create exponentially positive impact. It means sharing our talents, experience, and knowledge to lift up others.

In our Paying It Forward section, we offer free tools and support designed to elevate people. Take a look around!

Pandemic Coaching Support

LEVATA Human Performance is offering free 40-minute coaching sessions to front-line workers, focused on navigating uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and its surrounding events. Our deep experience in change management and career coaching allows us to help people understand their strengths and navigate new obstacles to emerge stronger and more centered. Please note this coaching is not designed to replace psychotherapy.

Work-Life Integration Course

Working remotely is often not a smooth transition, and sustaining it takes intentional trial and error to create structure and daily habits that allow you to integrate your work and life. Our identity as a fully virtual company has allowed us to learn these lessons...sometimes the hard way! In this 20-minute, self guided course you will learn tried-and-true strategies and approaches to help you reclaim control and successfully integrate your work and life when working from home.