HR Strategy & Consulting

Business-aligned people strategy and HR services that transform HR from a cost center to a strategic enabler of competitive advantage for your organization.

What Sets LEVATA HR Strategy & Consulting Apart

  • We Put Ourselves in Your Shoes In fact what makes us better consultants is that each of our HR Service Leaders has been in your shoes as corporate leaders, needing to invest in the people foundation of the business and searching for creative solutions that resulted in measurable business outcomes, while dealing with real constraints of time, resources and budget. It is our responsibility to partner with you to develop designs that spend your resources wisely and maximizes your investment.

  • Sweet spot of business, HR, and consulting expertise. We aren’t a large management consulting firm with a Human Capital Management practice, and we aren’t a niche service provider specializing in a single area of HR. We’re a company that knows human performance inside and out, blending this knowledge with a wealth of corporate leadership and consulting experience to Elevate People. We understand how all HR and business functions are interdependent, and we know how to work each lever to unlock the best human performance in an organization.

  • Focus on creating HR-Business partnership. We elevate HR leaders so you can be seen as that strategic advisor for the C-suite and better partner with the business. We help you design solutions and present those solutions in a language that will resonate with the business. Our team’s business process and strategy experience enables us to bridge this gap and align HR to bolster organizational goals and strategies.

When we talk to CHROs and other HR leaders, we know we’re talking to fellow People People. We understand the art of helping individuals thrive and harnessing the power of the collective. We help our clients build environments where employees are excited about growing and innovating; where the business, having invested in its people, can execute strategy and seize new opportunities; and where the internal culture creates joy that draws in new customers and talent alike. Unfortunately for many organizations, there is a gap between this vision and their current reality, driven by a legacy perception of Human Resources as a transactional cost center.

Shaking Up How People View HR

Here’s the thing: HR is full of People People. People who are empowered by elevating others. Our goal is to enable the people who work in HR to use their passion for growing others as their superpower. With the right strategy, processes, tools, and decision support in place, HR can empower all employees to drive innovation in an inclusive workplace. Far from being a cost center, an HR function that is doing its job right is creating tangible value for the organization.

Unlocking Human Performance through Better HR-to-Business Partnerships

Your people are your greatest asset. No single program, project, or technology can transform an organization like people can. We support HR leaders in helping their organizations unleash the power of their people. This is achieved when HR leaders partner with their fellow executives and connect with both management and “boots on the ground” employees to understand what the business needs and create modern people strategies that support those needs.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped clients with their HR strategy:

  • Designing nimble and flexible HR service models

  • “Build vs. Buy” planning to invest in the talent and future capabilities and culture

  • Developing Employer of Choice Strategies

  • Redesigning onboarding to accelerate the impact of new hires

  • Retaining culturally aligned, strong-performing talent

  • Upskilling talent through education, experience, and exposure

  • Infusing diversity of thought, experience, and background to position your workforce for the future

  • Elevating the strategic role of HR teams

LEVATA’s HR Strategy & Consulting Services

Please note LEVATA does not provide outsourced HR services such as recruiting, staff augmentation, compensation and benefits administration, or outplacement services. But we CAN work with you on the strategies that drive these services.

In a recent example, our customer was a new CHRO seeking to define a rewards philosophy for her organization. Her C-Suite peers had misaligned expectations of what the new philosophy would achieve and did not want to fund it correctly. We helped this CHRO become a strategic advisor to her peers, correcting the misalignment and defending the path forward she knew was right. This paid off significantly when her rewards strategy, properly structured and funded, was insulated from organizational cuts the business experienced shortly afterward.

Our broad and deep business experience combined with our HR backgrounds adds instant value for our clients. We partner with you to put in place strategies, programs and processes that get ahead of future challenges. We start by listening, and every recommendation we make based on our real-word experience, designed to fit your organization goals and strategy. We care about your business and will treat it as our own.

Let our People People elevate yours.