Executive Coaching

Evidence-based individual coaching programs designed to help leaders at all levels thrive personally and excel professionally.

What Sets LEVATA Executive Coaching Apart

  • We’ve worn your shoes. Our coaches are business leaders who have served in senior leadership and executive roles across functional areas. This is very different from working with strictly academic coaches or life/career coaches. We understand the need for investment in talent – and ROI – in the context of the real constraints of time, resources, and budget.

  • Personalized coaching portal. We developed the coaching portal to support our clients in integrating their learnings from coaching sessions into their daily lives between sessions. The portal turns your insights (which get forgotten) and inspiration (which invariably fades) into a documented, supportive experience during your coaching journey, making progress more tangible.

  • Emphasis on making it stick. We focus on truly changing behavior, achieved by immediately applying concepts unveiled in coaching sessions to the real work in front of you. Coaching sessions open your mind by identifying and shifting limiting beliefs, which leads to taking new actions which we support you in practicing until they become second-nature.

We put the “executive” into Executive Coaching. Our coaches’ backgrounds aren’t necessarily what you would expect. All of our professional coaches have held corporate leadership roles in various functions and industries, allowing us to tap into the executive mindset and skillset needed to develop individuals at all levels of the organization. Our rich business experience, combined with deep knowledge of human behavior, lets us add instant value with evidence-based coaching that aligns individual and organizational outcomes.

Thrive Personally, Excel Professionally: Our Executive Coaching Model

We invite our clients to bring their whole selves to the coaching journey. We believe that to excel professionally, one must thrive personally. Integrating research from related fields, we have developed a coaching model that weaves together strategic and tactical components to address burnout and build individual capacity along with leadership capabilities. Through the coaching journey, our clients deepen awareness and find clarity in each of these development components:

Professional Restoration Coaching Model includes 8 components to help people excel professionally and thrive personally.

We know your time is valuable, and it is our responsibility to partner with you in developing a coaching journey that wisely spends your time and resources to maximize your investment. This is why our approach places so much emphasis on practicing new behaviors in real business scenarios. Beyond digging up insights, our executive coaches help our clients make true behavioral shifts by identifying the skills and experiences needed to make those shifts stick and holding clients accountable through the process. We tie development plans to business goals so the result is not development “on the side” but rather development within everyday life.

"[LEVATA’s coaches] are not just trained coaches who have a wellness or therapy background, or trained coaches who came from an academic background. Your coaches have been business people. They have been leaders in organizations. You listen better, and you ask better questions, which helps us figure things out better for ourselves."

-Chief Strategy Officer who used LEVATA Executive Coaching after experiencing challenges with other coaching providers

LEVATA's Executive Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are designed from evidence-based practices and are focused on both the leader's and the organization's outcomes to create lasting transformation. We incorporate a variety of personality and 360-degree assessments into our coaching programs to add insight and help to clarify development priorities.

1:1 Executive Coaching: Define your personal coaching journey together with an executive coach. This journey will help you deepen your self-awareness, identify the shifts you’d like to make, replace limiting beliefs with new ones, practice new behaviors, and reflect to reinforce change.

Leadership Transition Coaching Program: Built for leaders who are experiencing significant transition into a new organization or culture and would benefit from additional support in navigating the organization's challenges, objectives, and needs. We help the leader learn how to apply their unique strengths to begin achieving outcomes in the new environment.

Elevate Leadership Coaching Program: Ideal for senior leaders who have hit a plateau in their leadership effectiveness, this program leverages The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) assessment and focuses on co-creating an impact plan that releases reactive behaviors and hones new creative competency. TLCP is a user-friendly, statistically stunning diagnostic tool allowing leaders to transform their leadership at life-changing levels.

Hi Potential Coaching Program: The focus of the high potential coaching program is to deepen the leader’s insight into their career aspirations and the foundational strengths that shape their potential in the organization, as well as accelerate development so that the leader is ready and able to reach their full potential and drive business impact as opportunities become available.

First 100 Day Leader Accelerator: This program is ideal for leaders who are new to the organization. We help the leader align with their new boss, build a healthy and productive relationship with their new team, and begin to assimilate into the new company culture successfully.

Stretch Leadership Coaching Program: This highly comprehensive coaching program is built for leaders being promoted into a stretch role, often at a senior leadership level. Leaders stepping into stretch assignments are faced with expectations and challenges they have never encountered, which increases their reactive tendencies and emphasizes caution over creating results. This 12-month coaching program combines the leadership accelerator program's key components to support a successful start with the Elevate Leadership program.

Cohort Coaching: We have several programs available that take entire departments or teams through a coaching journey. See Team & Group Coaching for more information.

Transformational Change Coaching: On especially large or complex transformational projects, we often pair executive sponsors with executive coaches to give them space to ask questions in a role that may not come naturally to them, understand how they too need to change while modeling and incenting the right behavior, and have 1:1 access to a certified professional who can help them fine-tune their performance for this role outside of traditional line operations. See Change Management for more information.

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We use a combination of these proven tactics to design deep, actionable, and sustained coaching journeys.

  • Assessment: Provides coaching participants with greater self-awareness and primes them for learning.

  • Microlearning: Chunking content and delivery into smaller components with repetition over time enables people to practice new skills, gain competency, and sustain their learning.

  • Hyper-personalization: By combining content with coaching, participants dig deeper to address their own gaps and build on core strengths.

  • Behavioral challenge: Ensuring that coaching participants receive the right amount of challenge in their coaching journey is key to growth.

  • Contextual learning: By wrapping new skills into real business context, coaching participants must readily use new language and approaches in business situations, seeing earlier impact and results.

  • Reinforcement and repetition: Mistakes are embraced and examined as part of reinforcement learning. Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight, especially for complex skills like leadership.

  • Reflection and mindset: We do not learn from experience alone but by reflecting on experience. Coaching helps deepen the learning and shift limiting mindsets.

  • Generative practice: Doing changes the brain. After a focused period of practice, engaging in new behavior begins to feel more and more effortless.

Elevate your people to new heights personally and professionally.