Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B)

Our commitment to DEI&B is directly related to our belief that ALL people have value - and all people have potential. 

DEI&B is a journey...

We walk with our clients in their journeys to discover how diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work best in your organizations - promoting your values, fostering a culture of respect and creativity which ultimately leads to better business outcomes and increased employee engagement.

We are realists too. This is a journey. Some journeys are slower than others and some more ambitious. Regardless of where you are or the pace with which you wish to move, we will meet you there. We will co-create what makes sense for you. We are here to support, guide and uplift you every step of the way.

So how is our DEI&B approach different?

We recognize it is not just about diversity..

While diversity is a great place to begin, we know through our own growth that every person - every employee - is coming from a unique perspective with unique experiences. We work with you to promote open communication and collaboration, foster a sense of belonging, and work your way into a DEI&B strategy that works in your organization that might include assessments, focus groups, learning opportunities and other actions to support your goals.

We craft your DEI&B priorities to align with your organizations practices, processes and procedures....

The end-game in DEI&B is that it never becomes a flavor of the month. We work with you to prioritize the things that will make an impact, will help you gain traction, and will continue the work.

We provide learning workshops, sessions, and experiences...

To drive the internal work required to build stronger DEI&B knowledge, skill and capability within our organization. This includes engaging at all areas of your organization from front line workers to your C-Suite. We are flexible, curious, and serious about providing you with exactly what you need to move the needle.

Become a partner in your organizations community..

We look for ways for you to engage with your organization's communities- internally and externally to support your DEI&B goals. Becoming a partner in the community is key to ensuring longevity and sustainability.

DEI Activities for Change:

Maturity starts with Inclusion and Belonging

We believe DEI&B is the future of work. It's imbedded, critical to operations, and necessary for finding, engaging, and retaining that talent you need to compete in a constantly changing and competitive world. Organizations mature through taking intentional steps over time. There are no magic bullet points.

We know, through research and experience, that the first components, of building a DEI&B climate is to focus on inclusion (I) and belonging (B). Our maturity model reflects this in both behavior and in structure. 

As your teams begin to explore perspectives around race, gender, ageism, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, and culture, they will need to know they are valued and included. A sense of belonging will keep the teams on track and will help you progress the organization in more authentic and lasting ways. 

Whether your goals are simply educational or building a full DEI&B Strategy, we know the benefits, the work, the necessary investments/leadership buy-in, and the practices that will make a difference.

Let our People People elevate yours.