HRIS Strategy, Selection and Implementation   

Selecting and effectively standing up the right Human Resource systems through a people powered approach that leverages technology effectively to drive desired business outcomes 

A “people-first” approach to Human Resource Systems Strategy, Selection, and Implementation (HRIS, HRMS, HCM, WFM)  

What Sets LEVATA Human Resource Strategy, Selection and Implementation Apart

LEVATA’s HR System Strategy, Selection and Implementation Services

Comprehensive Program Setup and Business Value Achievement

Robust Governance and Technology Structure

Seamless Product Implementation and Integration  

Regulatory and Compliance Management

Leadership Development and Strategy Alignment


HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Pros: Affordable, scalable streamlined, efficient

Cons: Limited customization, may require additional integrations

Functionality: Administrative HR functions 

Data Management: Employee data and compliance tracking 

Reporting: Standard reports, limited integration 

Scalability: Small to medium-sized businesses 

Cost: Less expensive than HRMS, HCM, WFM 

HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

Pros: Comprehensive, efficient, streamlined

Cons: Expensive, limited flexibility, complex implementation

Functionality: HRMS-specific functionalities

Data Management: Payroll, time & attendance, benefits management

Reporting: Robust reporting, integrates with business systems

Scalability: Medium to large-sized businesses 

Cost: More expensive than HRIS, less expensive than HCM, WFM

HCM (Human Capital Management)

Pros: Comprehensive, scalable, integrated

Cons: Expensive, complex implementation, may require significant customization

Functionality: Strategic HR functions

Data Management: Talent management, performance management, succession planning

Reporting: Custom reporting, diverse system integrations

Scalability: Medium to large-sized businesses 

Cost: More expensive than HRIS, HRMS less expensive than WFM

WFM  (Workforce Management)

Pros: Efficient, scalable, streamlined

Cons: Expensive, functionality, may require additional integrations

Functionality: Optimize employee scheduling

Data Management: Time and attendance, labor forecasting

Reporting: Real-time data, integrate with scheduling/payroll systems

Scalability: Medium to large-sized businesses 

Cost: More expensive of four systems

Our Approach

At Levata Human Performance, we provide expert guidance to help organizations select and implement the most suitable HR technology solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our comprehensive approach ensures clients receive the best value while maximizing the benefits of their chosen solutions. 

In conclusion, Levata Human Performance's expertise in the HR technology landscape and our focus on people, business, and technology enable us to offer tailored solutions that address specific challenges and deliver long-lasting results. Trust our colleagues to guide your organization through the process, ensuring a seamless transition and successful implementation of your HR technology solution. 

LEVATA is Your Trusted Partner

As an Organization and Human performance consulting firm, Levata Human Performance has a deep understanding of how technology can be leveraged to support HR processes and functions, and how it can be integrated with overall business strategy. We do not have to be technology experts, we have experience working with various HR technology solutions and can provide valuable guidance to our clients in selecting and implementing the right solutions for their specific needs.