Free Pandemic Coaching

LEVATA is offering free one-on-one coaching and resources for front-line workers.

Pandemic Coaching Support

As a front-line worker, you take care of the world. Let LEVATA Human Performance help take care of you.

During times of crisis, it is important to process emotion and acknowledge normal reactions to abnormal events. COVID-19 has brought ever-changing chaos and uncertainty; LEVATA can help our educators, teachers, and healthcare providers and leaders reflect on what they are experiencing*, channel their strengths, find clarity to make decisions, and provide tools for self-care so they may continue to move forward, supporting the wildly important care of others in our communities.

LEVATA typically focuses coaching efforts on developing business leaders and their teams across many industries. We are now temporarily shifting gears to support front-line workers so they can continue to care for others.

How does Pandemic Coaching work?

We are offering free 40 minute video coaching sessions to help navigate the current uncertainty related to COVID-19. Our goal is to help others and empower them so they can move through the chaos and create a positive impact for their patients, students, and communities.

Taking the time for coaching allows you to connect with your wisdom, care for yourself, and build resilience in times of stress. We at LEVATA are not on the front line with you, but we want to offer you our time and skills as support so you can keep making an impact.

Request your session with one of our coaches. That's it, no strings. We just want to help and this is one way we know how.

* This coaching is designed to empower and help people navigate obstacles or issues related to COVID-19 and is not designed to replace psychotherapy.

At LEVATA Human Performance, we believe in paying it forward.

We show up every day to create the exponential impact: a ripple effect that moves forward.

We want to help.