Elevate ALL People®

People create the processes, products, and culture that determine an organization’s future. People are every organizations’ greatest asset. And when you leverage your greatest asset, you get the greatest good

We're an unabashedly positive, radically transparent, purpose-driven human performance advisory firm.

LEVATA® Human Performance elevates ALL people in a world where metrics and data take precedence over human connection and respect. Every interaction with our clients comes from a place of positive intent and caring candor. Transformation isn’t easy, but it’s much more effective (and enjoyable!) when you keep people at the center of decision-making and enact a plan that keeps them engaged along the way.

In the age of digital transformation, organizational agility is the key to survival. As organizations introduce a constant stream of new technologies and processes, their workforces must be adaptable to change and resilient to the unknown. Too often, it's easy for organizational leadership to lose sight of their people in the heart-pumping race to be the next market innovator.

We work alongside our clients in a highly collaborative way to ensure the human lens is present. We listen to what really matters to you, to your leaders, and to your organization. We co-design solutions with our clients with a focus on longevity through agility. The result is a workforce that understands its mission and is empowered to achieve it.

The LEVATA Recipe is how we organize our services. The four ingredients are: your people, the work, the changes they're navigating, and the culture in which they operate.

How We Serve

Our services follow The LEVATA Recipe, composed of the four ingredients needed to Elevate People. These four ingredients are your people (your greatest asset), the work in front of you, the changes you're navigating, and the system and culture that permeate everything. When these ingredients work together in harmony, magic happens!

Partner with LEVATA to unleash the human potential in your organization and see the good we can do together.

Our Vision: Exponentially Pay It Forward

When organizations thrive, they have the power to help their communities thrive too. By doing good for our clients, a ripple effect of good is created in the community. And since people power organizations, we focus on people to apply the greatest leverage for the greatest good. 

It’s in our DNA as a team to treat everyone – our clients, coworkers, and communities – with respect, positive intent, and caring candor.

By practicing what we preach, we model the behaviors proven to unlock trust, creativity, and commitment, all of which organizations need from their employees to thrive.