Our Values

We are consciously creating a culture that builds trust and unleashes creativity. We operate by these guiding principles, so our coworkers, clients, and communities know what to expect from LEVATA with every interaction.

Create Conscious Connections

We create meaningful connections between clients, consultants, and communities. We believe that being in service and in community with others yields the great results we seek.

Communicate with Radical Transparency

We communicate with openness and honesty, ensuring transparency in decision making and openly sharing information so we empower employees as owners. We operate with caring candor from a place of helping things go right.

Put People First, Organization Second

We build an organization that deserves the extraordinary gifts and the whole self that our employees bring to work. We are alive to and interested in the needs, objectives, and challenges of the people we serve. We see people, not objects.

Unleash Our Humanity

We give people the freedom to do the unexpected, take initiative to solve problems and seize opportunities, and pursue their work as a way to make a positive difference in the world.

Pay It Forward

We believe in karma... that you get out of this world what you put into it. In doing good for our clients and communities, good things will happen. We show up every day to create the exponential impact: a ripple effect that moves forward.