At LEVATA, we take a personalized approach to learning and development (L&D), because we realize no one-size solution fits all organizations. We partner with you to craft learning strategies, design and develop corporate training programs for your business transformation initiatives, or even help you create your own learning & development business function.

Having experience across learning & development technology, we are well equipped to design learning solutions to leverage whatever software or tools you may already have in place. For whatever suits your needs best, we are here to support you.

Organizational Training, Learning & Development FAQs

How do I develop training curriculum?

LEVATA can assist with crafting course outlines which tie directly back to your organization and program’s objectives. We partner with you to create meaningful curricula and storyboards for instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and/or e-Learning.

Can e-learning replace the traditional classroom?

In many cases, yes it can! We can work with you to outline the benefits which online training provides learners, in an “adjusted normal” state where in-person training may not always be feasible.

What are virtual instructor-led (vILT) training best practices?

We will help make sure your VILT is part of a larger blended L&D journey. Together, we can develop a set of expectations and rules for your VILT courses. We’ll help ensure the chosen technology platforms are utilized to their greatest extent, and that both the learners and facilitators are set up for success.

Can gamification be used to enhance e-learning?

Great question!

We’ve used gamification with fun and successful results, on a number of client engagements. We can work with your organization to explore how gamification can increase user adoption, sales, and overall productivity in your company.

What do I need to know (or do) before I start developing training solutions for my organization?

You might be asking yourself “What should a training strategy include? How do I make a training needs analysis template?”

We can help you strategize and provide a vision for your learning and development program or solution. We will help you analyze your organization's learning needs and craft a framework which outlines important steps to complete, throughout the entire training life cycle and aligns and supports your organization’s overarching strategy.

How do I develop training for my organization or project with little to no budget?

Creativity is king! With many companies tightening the reins on funding and the ever changing technology landscape, it's becoming more important to leverage existing tools to provide training within organizations. LEVATA can help you creatively solution your project or program to meet the needs of your learners without breaking the bank.

No Learning and Development department? No worries. We've got you covered.

L & D Toolkit

LEVATA Human Performance's Learning & Development Toolkit provides tools and guidance for creating your own training solutions:

  • Templates: blueprints to easily design and develop your own learning programs

  • Infrastructure: L&D framework and strategies for your team to leverage

  • Best Practices: Tried and true approaches and techniques to help foster success

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