Organization Effectiveness

Organization effectiveness focuses on the collective skills, knowledge, relationships, and workflow that create economic value. We help organizations hone the discipline of removing intangible barriers to optimal output.

What Sets LEVATA Organization Effectiveness Apart

  • Cross-Industry Understanding: Our service team comes from industry-agnostic backgrounds, so we’ve seen how problems can be solved in all types of cultures and climates. This gives us a richer tool belt to pull from in designing innovative solutions.

  • Agility: We’re internally structured to operate in a lean and agile manner, so we can make recommendations to our clients using firsthand knowledge of what works.

  • Cultural Expertise: There is science behind how cultures are created and changed. Our human-centered approach leverages deep cultural understanding to ensure business solutions are designed and introduced in the best way for your people.

  • Humility: No discipline within Organization and Human Performance is filled with more intellectual snobbery than Organization Effectiveness. While we have a solid understanding of the science and academic theory underlying this work, what sets us apart is our real-world business experience, pragmatism, and enthusiasm to work alongside you to get the job done.

Organization Effectiveness FAQs

Is our organizational design hurting business performance?

The structure of your organization impacts value chains, career paths, work efficiency, and collaboration. Outdated or poorly thought-out organizational designs can have major downstream impacts that hurt enterprise agility and innovation.

We use modern org design practices to unlock the flow of value and re-energize your people. Organizational design is not one-and-done, and many org designs established even 10 years ago create challenges in today’s fluid environment. Work with us to assess the effectiveness of your current organization design and see new opportunities to work and grow.

Why is organizational culture important?

No one lives and breathes culture like us! Your organizational culture can help your company succeed, or it can keep you moving at a snail's pace.

We understand the science of enterprise culture creation. We work with clients to pinpoint the behaviors, policies, and feedback systems that lead to desirable or undesirable organizational culture traits. Cultural change takes time, but we can help you get there faster. Get ready to see your people thrive and engagement rise.

How can my company maximize the value of our recent merger or acquisition?

Mergers and acquisitions can be extremely draining for organizations. And while strategic M&A plans are often in place to accomplish lofty savings and efficiencies, too often we see companies struggle with the execution of these plans. This is exactly where we can help.

We have been in the M&A trenches and understand the complex strategy that goes into a merger or acquisition. When the deal is signed, it comes down to your people to realize the ROI. While dozens of companies offer M&A consulting, our clients choose LEVATA for our human lens and empathy. LEVATA will help you build tactical and executable plans to propel your company forward, all while supporting your people in learning along the way.

What should I consider when selecting an HRIS?

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) used to be a pipe dream for many organizations. But now there are several advantages to using one, with even more options to choose from.

Perhaps you're trying to decide whether to use a cloud-based HRIS, or which features you really need. We have decades of experience in HRIS strategy and selection, and with mixed backgrounds in both HR and technology, we provide the deepest understanding of your requirements and will help you make the right decision for your organization.

How can I improve employee retention?

The talent war is here. Today's workforce expects a new level of development opportunity and career freedom. Keeping and developing your talent means finding new ways to cultivate skills while increasing performance.

Experiential learning, fresh content, flipped classrooms, and micro-learning environments all work together to build capability, increase engagement, and ensure greater performance. We help clients create high-performing, agile learning cultures that people want to stay and be a part of.

Ready to level-up your performance?