Change Management

The Role of Change Management in the Modern Enterprise

Change management is the discipline of optimizing the people side of organizational change to achieve systemic positive outcomes.

Change management is important because it bridges individual preparation with the adoption of new processes and technology required for total transformation. Proven change management models allow us to equip and support individuals in a structured way. This, in turn, helps people adapt their mindsets and behaviors to support long-term organizational agility.

Change management strategy focuses structured attention on every organization’s greatest asset, its people. Having a change management plan in place—one that is tailored to the organization’s unique culture—provides assurance the best possible outcome will be achieved for both the organization and its people. And most importantly, a proper change management plan accounts for the fact that change is a personal journey which takes time and effort. We refer to this as the change curve.

All members of LEVATA’s service team have rich change management experience across clients, industries, and methodologies. We are experts in helping companies help their people adapt, flourish, and build resilience in our ever-changing world.

What Sets LEVATA Change Management Apart

  • Sustainability: Our clients build internal knowledge and capability to better handle ongoing change.

  • Integration: We use change management not as a standalone practice, but as connective tissue between project management, learning and development, process, communications, and organizational design and culture.

  • Customization: We begin with a culture analysis to identify the most-likely-to-succeed change management approach for your organization. We are methodology and software agnostic, meaning we aren’t incentivized to push one change management framework over another. We are solely focused on crafting the right approach for your organization.

  • Scalability: Our human-centered approach leverages your own people in becoming change agents, creating internal momentum and reducing the need for external headcount (consultants).

Change Management FAQs

How can I support my team through complex transformation?

Complex change requires thoughtful, confident leadership. And it's significantly less overwhelming with an experienced partner to help you through it.

Leading change means gaining alignment within and across leadership teams and stakeholders. From there, a strong change management leader uses proven tools to steadily guide adoption.

Our experienced change management leadership team knows how to partner with leaders to ensure that sponsorship is in place with the authority and ability to legitimize and drive strategic change. Through it all, utmost importance is placed on letting teams shine and results stick.

My company needs internal change management capability — where do we start?

At LEVATA, our first goal is always to do what's right. And that may mean helping our clients build their own change management function so they no longer need us.

We are happy and honored to share our expertise with you. To build your internal change management capability, you will need to start with the right strategy and stakeholder buy-in. You'll craft change management processes and templates to be scaled and built upon. Finally, you will need to decide what to measure so your investment has a strong return and provides lasting advantage. Fortunately, we’ve done this many times and will guide you through every step of the process.

Dependent on the enterprise and its need, building change management capability could include the design and implementation of a new organization, the incorporation of a new change management methodology, and the staffing/onboarding of new change agents.

How can I best navigate an upcoming organizational change?

As much as we strive for simplicity, we know that organizations and the people within them are complicated!

If you need help navigating a change that affects many parts of your organization (for example, an M&A or new strategic direction), we are your people. We've been there, and we know how to build a roadmap that makes navigation much less intimidating.

We're here to advise, support, and coach you through the process. Let's work together and start eliminating your stress ASAP.

What should a change management strategy include?

Introducing change to your team or organization requires a strategy to do so. Commonly, we see organizations create training and communications plans—which are a great start, but arguably jump straight into tactics without strategic considerations like change management theory, human psychology, and unique variables like organizational culture.

Having an objective and experienced voice can help create a clear change management strategy with a higher probability of successful execution.

What if my team falls back into old ways of working?

We've all experienced big, touted rollouts that failed to deliver on what was promised. This happens when the right plans, processes, capabilities, and support were not in place or not reinforced.

That's why our change management strategies always focus on "Making it Stick." This means realizing the great vision you had at the start of a big change. It means getting people to live with the new way of working, and seeing better outcomes because of it.

Having an experienced change management partner in service to you and your goals is critical to achieving sustainable, effective transformation. We're big believers that Making it Stick is addressed at the start of the change management process, not right before or after the big rollout. Don't let your valuable energy and money go to waste. Let us help make sure your progress STICKS!

What is a change agent?

Have other consulting firms told you how many change management consultants you need? Does it sound high?

Our view is different, and our successes tell the story of why this difference makes sense. What you need is a way to identify, mold, and support valued internal business leaders to both lead and pull people through the change. These leaders become change agents.

We'll partner with you to design the change agent role and identify the change management skills and behaviors to set your people up for success. Having a skilled and committed change agent network is a game-changer in successfully implementing organizational initiatives big and small.

Executive Coaching for Change Management

For leaders learning on the job: We believe in the marriage of executive coaching and change management. Change management focuses externally on the people impacted by change. Executive coaching focuses internally on the creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their professional and personal potential. When implemented together, these two practices build on each other to support the journey of continuous improvement.

While coaching is part of every good change manager’s toolkit, we are now seeing organizational awareness of the need to pair up executives leading transformation with certified executive coaches who can help them fine-tune their performance.

We’re seeing organizations combine individual executive coaching with team coaching to help teams super-charge their capability in needed dimensions. Through this process, grit and resilience are migrating to the front of the line for critical capabilities regardless of industry.

It's fantastic to watch how executive coaching has become more mainstream as leaders accept and benefit from this discipline. Instead of serving as a perk for elite executives or a “hail mary” for people with big jobs “who need to be fixed,” executive coaching is now seen as an accelerator for anyone who wants to grow as a leader and is willing to work to make it happen.

Change management coaching helps executives get out of their own way, and successfully go through their own journey while they lead the larger organizational transformation.

Time to make a change?